Arcadia Stage Wins Fall DTASC


Leslie Chen, Writer

 On Oct. 26, Arcadia Stage competed in the Fall Drama Teachers Association of Southern California (DTASC) Theatre Festival against over 70 schools in the SoCal area. The talented group, led by Director Steven Volpe, medaled in several categories and took home the 1st Place Sweepstakes Award.

Located this year at Calabasas High School, DTASC is a biannual drama festival that is separated into different categories of theatrical competition, ranging from technical to performance-based events. Technical events include Sets & Lights, Costumes & Makeup, and Graphics & Publicity. Performance-based competitions include both individual and group performances. This year, DTASC also introduced several themed events, such as African American Playwrights (published play must be written by an African American) and A Woman’s Voice (can be about any issue regarding women). Events are separated into a total of four rounds: two preliminaries, one semifinal, and one final. The DTASC festival then wraps up with a final award ceremony, where the winners of each event are revealed.

Not only did Arcadia Stage come home with the first place for Sweepstakes, cast members also medaled in the following categories: third in African American Playwrights, fourth in A Woman’s Voice, fourth in Large Group Comedy, second in Costumes & Makeup, fifth in Open Musical, fifth in two individual monologues, second in Sets & Lights, second in Graphics & Publicity, and first in Large Group Drama. 

Sophomore Jasmine Che shared her thoughts on the experience. “This year’s DTASC was amazing,” she recalled. “The experience is hard to put into words; it’s a mixture of excitement and wonder. The results didn’t surprise me too much since all the Advanced Theatre performers are so talented!” However, the experience was tiring, as students had to spend the majority of their day in the competition. “We had to be there at 7:00 a.m. for registration, and the awards ceremony was at 6:00 p.m. It was exhausting, but thankfully, everyone pulled through.”

However, success wouldn’t have been achieved without months of hard work. According to Jasmine, the rehearsal process goes back for months. “Students have to practice for many hours after school for weeks,” she explained. “They also have to train with the directors to refine and perfect their scenes.” To her, though, all of the hard work was worth it. “DTASC is so important because people can learn the importance of teamwork and dedicated practice, as actors have to bring out their best performance in competition,” she said. “That’s why everyone is so willing to put their all into it.”

Congratulations to Arcadia Stage for their first place win!