Thank You, Ms. Galloway

Tiffany Zhu, Staff Writer

The transition from middle school to high school is unquestionably challenging. For students used to the small environment of middle school, high school can seem daunting at first and filled with uncertainties. Having a teacher who is passionate, supportive, and hardworking can ease the burden of this transition. Ms. Galloway embodies all of these traits.

For a long time, I thought that history was a particularly tedious class. However, Ms. Galloway changed my perspective. Her theatrical personality turns dull topics into engaging discussions. I never had to worry about not understanding a topic in her class because she had an ability to break down a complex topic through her simple analogies.

Ms. Galloway tries to motivate all of her students to participate in the discussion through a system that involves playing cards taped to each desk. She encourages each of her students to think deeply about their answers by asking a series of follow-up questions. Her policy of allowing students to turn in late assignments and do test corrections makes earning good grades possible and provides the opportunity for students to learn from their mistakes. She truly has her students’ best interests at heart.

Her incredible sense of humor puts everyone at ease and creates an environment free from tension. Her open nature allows her to share amusing anecdotes. Her ability to share with students inspires them to be more open about their opinions and creates a more personal bond between her and her students. But, she doesn’t hesitate to call her students out for not staying on task. Although she is usually a very understanding person, when it comes to her no phones during class policy, she is merciless.         

Every day, during the last ten minutes of class, she prioritizes watching CNN 10 to ensure that her students stay updated with current news. In a constantly evolving world, staying aware and informed about news is important to stay connected to the world.

Being in Ms. Galloway’s class everyday is such a privilege. Hearing her hilarious stories and witty jokes gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day. Thank you, Ms. Galloway, for making 9th grade such a memorable year!